Quality Hand Sanitizers for Your Protection

15 Sep

The dreaded corona virus has invaded the world in the most unexpected way. Nobody was ready for this dreadful virus hence measures to contain the virus had not been arrived at during the beginning of the pandemic. The fact that the virus can be spread through contact became a real reminder to people around the world about the importance of ensuring that hands are sanitized regularly.

Among the measures that have been brought forward in a bid to contain corona virus is sanitizing of hands. Contact is the main way in which the virus can be transmitted, a fact supported by many medical practitioners. It is for this reason that the use of hand sanitizers has been embraced the world over as a measure of fighting the dreaded virus. Hand sanitizers can kill the virus on the hand before it gets into the body hence protecting you from infection.  You'll want to check out palmpalm hand sanitizing wipes as well. 

So, how can one get the quality hand sanitizers and which ones are the best? First of all, we need to understand why hand sanitizers are effective in curbing corona virus. The best hand sanitizer must have alcohol content that is high enough to kill the virus. Researchers have established that most viruses in the world will be killed if they come into contact with any medium having over seventy percentage of alcohol. That is why the best hand sanitizers are those with a high content of alcohol in them. 

Apart from the alcohol content, oiling media such as glycerin should be present in the hand sanitizer if it is to be effective enough. Why the oiling media? The answer according to medical researchers is in the fact that plain alcohol or surgical spirit can lead to cracking of the skin. The cracks are permeable hence can lead to infiltration of other pathogens into the body. This is why the best hand sanitizer must have the oiling media to avoid the cracking of the skin. Do  make sure to click this link for sannitizer solutions. 

Hand sanitizers are manufactured in two forms. First, there are liquid hand sanitizers which are basically in free-flowing liquid form. They are easy to use but will be depleted fast because one can apply more than required. the other form is the gel hand sanitizer. As the name suggests, the gel hand sanitizer is a thick paste. It is easy to apply and one bottle can last you for longer than the liquid one. All in all, it is important to ascertain the quality of the hand sanitizer before purchasing it. Get general info on hand sanitizers here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hand_sanitizer

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